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An extremely lightweight slideshow plugin for jQuery.
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Lightweight Slideshow plugin for jQuery endorse

A while ago I was asked to make a simple slideshow. My initial thought was, there must be a ton of solutions available for jQuery, I could easily draw inspiration from them.

I was wrong. Whilst there are a few nicely done slideshow plugins for jQuery, the majority of them are either poorly written or far too complicated.

So, I decided to code my own plugin from the ground up. Meet Slideshow Lite!


There are a few options to customise the behaviour of this plugin:

Option Type Description
pauseSeconds Float Number of seconds between each photo to be displayed.
fadeSpeed Float Number of seconds for the fading transition, the value should not exceed `pauseSeconds`.
width Integer Width of the slideshow, in pixels.
height Integer Height of the slideshow, in pixels.
caption Boolean Display photo caption?
cssClass String Name of the CSS class, defaults to `slideshowlite`.
anchorTarger String Name for the target="_xxx" attribute, defaults to `_self`.


// using default options

// using some custom options
  pauseSeconds: 4,
  height: 200,
  caption: false


Click here for a simple demo.


v0.8.1 [2011-07-19]

  • Use HTML5's data attribute data-seq instead of rel to store sequence data.

v0.8.0 [2011-06-28]

  • Added readme to the repository.
  • Updated jQuery to 1.6.1.

v0.7.1 [2010-12-10]

  • Pagination clicks should not cause the page to return to the top.

v0.7.0 [2010-12-07]

  • Added anchorTarget option and fixed the way anchor tags are created.

v0.6.1 [2010-11-18]

  • Code clean up.

v0.6.0 [2010-11-18]

  • It now supports multiple slideshows targeted via DOM class selectors.
  • Get rid of the use of children().

v0.5.4 [2010-11-12]

  • Fixed a transition bug when there's only 2 images.
  • Updated jQuery to 1.4.4.

v0.5.3 [2009-12-02]

  • Added fadeSpeed for setting the transition speed.

v0.5.2 [2009-12-02]

  • Repackaged to remove an unnecessary .htaccess file.

v0.5.1 [2009-12-02]

  • Fixed some typo.

v0.5.0 [2009-12-02]

  • Major rewrite: slides can now be clicked freely (as opposed to waiting for one to finish showing before it can be clicked again)
  • Added automatic photo caption

v0.4.0 [2009-12-02]

  • Code clean up.
  • Added transparency effects to the navigation, to indicate when it is clickable.
  • Added inline configuration documentation.

v0.3.0 [2009-12-02]

  • Smoother animation.

v0.2.0 [2009-12-02]

  • Fixed a navigation bug where the clicks no longer work after clicking on the current slideshow.

v0.1.0 [2009-12-02]

  • Initial release.

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Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Fred Wu

Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

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