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To build everything do `gmake install'. Notice that you have first to have built the gemlib (for the mt_gem.h header).

The include files will be installed in /usr/include/slb The static modules will be installed in /usr/lib The shared objects will be installed in /mint/slb

To get all this to work you also have to set the SLBPATH variable to point to that last directory (e.g. setenv SLBPATH /mint/slb in your mint.cnf file).

To check if everything is installed properly, run the test/ program. It should open a movable window and there should be a possibility to open another one that can be moved independently.

Since this version the library does not need -mshort anymore. To avoid conflicts with previous versions I had to change the names of the shared objects, so that these would not be loaded by older software. This is why there's 'gemma32' and 'kernel32' now.