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Building FreeNAS 11 from Scratch

Note: All these commands must be run as root.


  • Hardware

    • CPU: amd64-compatible 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU.
    • 16GB memory, or the equivalent in memory plus swap space
    • at least 80GB of free disk space
  • Software

    • The build environment must be FreeBSD 11.x (or 11-STABLE) (building on FreeBSD 10 or 12 is not supported at this time).

    • Required packages must be installed and set up:

      • pkg install -y archivers/pigz archivers/pxz devel/git devel/gmake lang/python3 lang/python ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel
        python2.7 -m ensurepip
        python2.7 -m pip install six

      textproc/py-sphinx_numfig must be installed from ports as there is no package for it. This requires the ports tree to be installed:

      • make -C /usr/ports/textproc/py-sphinx_numfig install clean

      make bootstrap-pkgs installs required dependencies automatically. It only installs what is listed in the Makefile.

Make Targets

  • checkout creates a local working copy of the git repositories with git clone

  • update does a git pull to update the local working copy with any changes made to the git repositories since the last update

  • release actually builds the FreeNAS release

  • clean removes previously built files


Clone the build repository and switch to that directory (/usr/build is used for this example):

git clone /usr/build
cd /usr/build

First-time checkout of source:

make checkout

A FreeNAS release is built by first updating the source, then building:

make update
make release

To build the SDK version:

make update
make release BUILD_SDK=yes

Clean builds take a while, not just due to operating system builds, but because poudriere has to build all of the ports. Later builds are faster, only rebuilding files that need it.

Use make clean to remove all built files.


Built files are in the freenas/_BE subdirectory, /usr/build/freenas/_BE in this example.

ISO files: freenas/_BE/release/FreeNAS-11-MASTER-{date}/x64/.

Update files: freenas/_BE/release/.

Log files: freenas/_BE/objs/logs/.