A Limnoria plugin to fight abuse on IRC networks
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A Limnoria plugin to handle spam and abuse on a network level.

Sigyn is developed primarily for the freenode IRC network. As with most of freenode's utility bots, Sigyn is named after a Norse goddess.


If you're running this on a production network, you should probably use the latest stable release. The master branch is considered unstable and may break at any time.

See the wiki for setup instructions and commands, as well as a work-in-progress configuration manual.

Requesting Sigyn to your channel

The best way is to discuss with a staffer, you could also ask for her presence temporary (duration varies), with an /invite Sigyn (reviewed by staff).

But as invite notification can be missed, feel free to join #freenode-sigyn and ask in there.

If opped in your channel you can ask Sigyn to unkline an user, /msg Sigyn unkline <nick>, you have a dozen minutes to do so after the kill/kline, it only works if the user was banned due to abuse detected in your channel.

Support and Development

#freenode-sigyn is where all the support and development happens. See CONTRIBUTING.md for rules about creating issues and opening PRs.

Code of Conduct

We enforce the Contributor Covenant, version 1.4, which can be summed up as: Be respectful to everyone, and act in a constructive, professional manner towards everyone. If you feel someone is violating the Code of Conduct, please PM me (emerson) on IRC, or email me at emerson@freenode.net.