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Implementation of Craig Reynold's Boids in C++11 with SFML2.
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Implementation of Craig Reynold's Boids in C++11 with SFML2. Features placeable boids, scatter mode, predators, zooming and multithreading (enabling more boids to be simulated).


You will need an installation of SFML compatible with SFML-2.3.2. If you run Debian or derivatives, you can install SFML by doing

sudo apt-get install libsfml-dev

After you've done that, you can compile by just doing


in the project directory. This will compile with gcc/g++. If you want a smaller executable (without debugging symbols), you can remove the -g option from the Makefile.


To run the simulation, do

./sfml-boids <boid count>

where boid count is the initial number of boids. If omitted, it will default to 40.


  • a: enable/disable rendering of velocity arrows/vectors of boids.
  • s: enable/disable scatter mode. In scatter mode the boids will scatter instead of flock.
  • Left click: place a new boid
  • Right click: place a predator boid. Ordinary boids will flee from predators.
  • Mouse wheel/scrolling: zoom in/out, effectively increasing the space the boids can move in.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5

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