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Frida CLI tools

CLI tools for Frida.

Making dev changes to frida-tools

You do not need to build this repo in order to make changes (for a pull request, or for local development).

Simply set your PYTHONPATH environment variable to wherever you've cloned this repo to.

For example, on Windows, assuming you clone to C:\src:

git clone
cd frida-tools
SET PYTHONPATH=C:\src\frida-tools

Now when you run frida.exe, these scripts and any changes you make will be referenced instead!

Loading your custom frida-java-bridge

Add the following lines to agents/tracer/agent.ts:

Object.defineProperty(global, 'Java', { value: require('frida-java-bridge') });

Run live reload:

cd agents/tracer; npm link frida-java-bridge; npm run watch

Now you can:

  1. make changes to agents/tracer/node_modules/frida-java-bridge/*
  2. run your frida-tools from this repo and see how it works!

Installing Fish completions

Currently there is no mechanism to install Fish completions through the script so if you want to have completions in Fish you will have to install it manually. Unless you've changed your XDG_CONFIG_HOME location, you should just copy the completion file into ~/.config/fish/completions like so:

cp completions/ ~/.config/fish/completions