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Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

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  1. neu3d neu3d Public

    A javascript 3D visualization engine for neural data in SWC format

    JavaScript 7 8

  2. neuroarch neuroarch Public

    A graph database for fruit fly brain circuits

    Python 5 6

  3. ffbo.nlp_component ffbo.nlp_component Public

    NLP Component for the Fruit Fly Brain Observatory

    Python 3 2

  4. Public

    Forked from ffbobservatory/

    Fruit Fly Brain Observatory Website

    HTML 2 1

  5. NeuroinformaticsTutorial NeuroinformaticsTutorial Public

    Forked from AdamRTomkins/NeuroinformaticsTutorial

    A tutorial on neuroinformatics resources for computational modellers

    Python 2 1

  6. ffbo.launcher ffbo.launcher Public

    Fruit Fly Brain Observatory Standalone Tools Launcher

    Shell 2


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