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Plugins for Coinboot
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Logo of Coinboot

Plugins for Coinboot

Coinboot is a framework for diskless computing.
This repository contains plugins for Coinboot which expand Coinboot with further software and functionalities.
It also contains coinbootmaker - a little helper to build your own Coinboot plugins.

For more information how to boot your machines with Coinboot visit:


If you want to build plugins on your own:

  • Docker

  • a Debian or Ubuntu build host

  • brctl which is part of the bridge-utils package


Pre-built Plugins

Put the pre-built plugins of your choice that your can download under releases into the plugins directory of your Coinboot setup.

Coinbootmaker - build the Plugins

To build Coinboot plugins on your own use coinbootmaker.

Usage: coinbootmaker [-i] -p <file name> <path to initramfs>                                                          

-i              Interactive mode - opens a shell in the build environment                                             
-p <file name>  Plugin to build
-h              Display this help

For example:

$ ./coinbootmaker /tmp/coinboot-initramfs-4.15.0-43-generic -p ethminer 

coinbootmaker takes a path to a Coinboot-Initramfs to create an environment for building the plugins
by converting the given Initramfs into a Container image and run it.
The plugin creation script located at src is executed in that coinbootmaker container and the resulting
plugin archive is written to the build directory.



Please notice even while the scripts to create Coinboot plugins are licensed with the MIT license the software packaged by this scripts may be licensed by an other license with different terms and conditions.
You have to agree to the license of the packaged software to use it.


Gunter Miegel


Fork this repo. Make a pull request to this repo.

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