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F# Language Bindings for Open Editors (Emacs, SublimeText, Vim)
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F# Language Support for Open Editors


This project contains advanced editing support for F# for a number of open editors. It is made up of the following projects:

If you are interested in adding rich editor support for another editor, please open an issue to kick-start the discussion.

See the F# Cross-Platform Development Guide for F# with Sublime Text 2, Vim and other editors not covered here.

Build Status

The CI builds are handled by a FAKE script, which:

  • Builds FSharp.AutoComplete
  • Runs FSharp.AutoComplete unit tests
  • Runs FSharp.AutoComplete integration tests
  • Runs Emacs unit tests
  • Runs Emacs integration tests
  • Runs Emacs byte compilation

Travis Travis build status

See .travis.yml for details.

AppVeyor AppVeyor build status

The configuration is contained in appveyor.yml. Currently the emacs integration tests do not run successfully on AppVeyor and are excluded by the FAKE script.

Building, using and contributing

See the README for each individual component:

Shared Components

The core shared component is FSharp.Compiler.Service.dll from the community FSharp.Compiler.Service project. This is used by both fsautocomplete.exe, a command-line utility to sit behind Emacs, Vim and other editing environments components.

For more information about F# see The F# Software Foundation. Join The F# Open Source Group. We use github for tracking work items and suggestions.

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