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Personal dotfiles.
Latest commit 43abf8b Jun 30, 2016 @fsouza extra: update gimme
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extra extra: update gimme Jun 30, 2016
.bash_profile bash_profile: update Go 1.7 to beta2 Jun 17, 2016
.clang-format clang-format: add configuration for Java Apr 26, 2016
.gitconfig gitconfig: set diff.compactionHeuristic Jun 14, 2016
.gitignore bash_profile: renaming aliases to functions Aug 29, 2015
.gitignore_global gitignore_global: ignore help tags Jul 21, 2014
.gitmodules bash_profile: use gimme to provide Go version Dec 18, 2015
.hgignore_global hgignore_global: remove vim swap files Jan 4, 2016
.hgrc hgrc: use nvim as editor Apr 20, 2016
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