FsReveal parses markdown and F# script file and generates reveal.js slides.
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FsReveal allows you to write beautiful slides in Markdown and brings F# to the reveal.js web presentation framework.


  • Write your slides in Markdown or .fsx files
  • Automatically updates the browser in edit mode on every save
  • Syntax highlighting for most programming languages including C#, F# and LaTeX
  • Speaker notes; Shows the current slide, next slide, elapsed time and current time
  • Built in themes
  • Horizontal and vertical slides
  • Built in slide transitions using CSS 3D transforms
  • Slide overview
  • Works on mobile browsers. Swipe your way through the presentation.

Examples and a Getting started guide can be found in the docs.


The default maintainer account for projects under "fsprojects" is @fsprojectsgit - F# Community Project Incubation Space (repo management)