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Welcome to the FSTDT development wiki!

Right now this wiki just contains information and references for anybody interested in helping make the new version of FSTDT. More stuff will be added later!

Wanna help out?

If you want to help write the next version of FSTDT, then contact shy or pyro in the IRC. FSTDT's code consists of Elixir, Phoenix, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and PostgreSQL. But don't panic! You don't need to know all of these things. To help out, you only need basic knowledge and experience with a few of them, or you need to be willing to learn them and get your hands dirty. Shy will happily mentor you as long as you're computer literate, able to use IRC, know the very basics of programming, and aren't afraid of doing a little self-study.

Current devs

  • shy (spikedee)
  • pyro (notriddle)
  • SomeApe (needsagithub)


  • Server: irc.digibase.ca
  • Main channel: #fstdt
  • Dev channel: #fstdt-dev

boringbot: the #fstdt/#fstdt-dev bot

  • You can use boringbot to leave a message for someone using !tell $user $something, where $user is whom you wish to leave a message, and $message is what you want to say. (Leave out the dollar signs.)
  • When you leave the channel and come back, boringbot will automatically give you any messages you received while you were gone.
  • Make sure to give him a !botsnack for being a good bot!
  • Boringbot can also do lots of other neat things. Try asking it for !help or check out its GitHub to get started.

Educate thyself

Here are some useful references and tutorials. Feel free to add your own.




Random things

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