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Fine-tuning GPT-2 Small for Question Answering
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This repo includes an experiment of fine-tuning GPT-2 117M for Question Answering (QA). It also runs the model on Stanford Question Answering Dataset 2.0 (SQuAD). It uses Huggingface Inc.'s PyTorch implementation of GPT-2 and adapts from their fine-tuning of BERT for QA.

SQuAD data can be downloaded from:

To train and validate the model:

python --output_dir=output/ --train_file=data/train-v2.0.json --do_train --train_batch_size=32 --predict_file=data/dev-v2.0.json --do_predict

To evaluate:

python data/dev-v2.0.json output/predictions.json

Different fine-tuning experiments will be uploaded soon for GPT-2 345M on datasets that exclusively target commonsense reasoning in an attempt to bring insight to reasoning abilities of GPT-2. Such an insight could potentially improve our ability to improve Natural Language Understanding through language models in semi-supervised settings.

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