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FUJI Money

Borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins & synthetic assets without intermediaries.


  1. fips fips Public

    Fuji Implementation Possibilities

    4 2

  2. tapscripts tapscripts Public

    Python 10 2

  3. app app Public

    Frontend to interact with Fuji smart contracts

    TypeScript 8 4

  4. oracle oracle Public

    A demo service that acts as oracle producing cryptographic attestations for a given price feed to be consumed by Elements smart contracts

    TypeScript 2 5

  5. fuji-sdk-nodejs fuji-sdk-nodejs Public


  6. synthetic-asset-smart-contract synthetic-asset-smart-contract Public

    Forked from vulpemventures/synthetic-asset-smart-contract

    Synthetic asset smart contract for the Liquid network

    Makefile 3


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