Dynamic page title & meta tags utility for Angular (w/server-side rendering)
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Dynamic page title & meta tags generator for Angular

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ngx-meta updates the page title and meta tags every time the route changes, based on Angular app's route configuration.

  • When the Angular app uses server-side rendering, the meta tags and page titles generated by ngx-meta successfully appear on HTML source, due to its platform-free workflow. This allows the SPA to be crawled and rendered by the search engines, as well as sharing the website link on social networks (facebook, twitter, etc).
  • It also supports resolving values using a callback function to use a custom logic on the meta tag contents (http-get, @ngx-translate/core, etc.).


This 6.x.x branch is intented to work with Angular v6.x.x. If you're developing on a later release of Angular than v6.x.x, then you should probably choose the appropriate version of this library by visiting the master branch.


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