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Example app showcasing fulls1z3's Angular libraries
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fulls1z3's example application

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fulls1z3/example-app is a sample project for Angular apps following the common patterns and best practices in file and application organization, providing the following features:

Built with angular-cli.

You can find the live app here.

Quick start

# clone the repo
git clone

# change directory to repo
cd example-app

# Use npm or yarn to install the dependencies:
npm install

# run tslint
npm run lint

# start the server
ng serve

Navigate to http://localhost:4200/ in your browser.

NOTE: The above setup instructions assume you have added local npm bin folders to your path. If this is not the case you will need to install the angular-cli globally.


If you want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation, please read up on the following contribution guidelines:

Thanks to

  • JetBrains, for their support to this open source project with free WebStorm licenses.


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2018 Burak Tasci

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