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  1. inline-python inline-python Public

    Inline Python code directly in your Rust code

    Rust 1.1k 37

  2. rust-git-version rust-git-version Public

    Compile the Git version (tag name, or hash otherwise) and dirty state into your Rust program.

    Rust 100 15

  3. intbits intbits Public

    Easy access to individual bits of integers.

    Rust 48 7

  4. nalgebra-numpy nalgebra-numpy Public

    Convert between nalgebra and numpy types.

    Rust 21 7

  5. px4-rust px4-rust Public

    Rust bindings for PX4.

    Rust 17 3

  6. spicat spicat Public

    Full-duplex SPI transactions from the command line.

    Rust 15


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