Genetic algorithms with brainfuck.
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This project explores genetic algorithms running with Brainfuck.

Backed by my own Brainfuck interpreter, these genetic algorithms modify Brainfuck programs according to a target function.

The sources contain

  • a general framework for building genetic algorithms (cf. de.fxnn.genetics) and
  • an implementation for Brainfuck programs (cf. de.fxnn.brainfuckongenetics).

Among the Brainfuck implementation are

  • fitness functions (cf.,
  • operators for modifying / mutating Brainfuck programs (cf. de.fxnn.brainfuckongenetics.operators) and
  • an interactive commandline interface (cf. de.fxnn.brainfuckongenetics.cli).

Build Status


Please note that you need to mvn install the project first, as it's not published in a public Maven repository.

$ git clone
$ cd brainfuck
$ mvn install
$ cd ..

Then you may build this project.

$ git clone
$ cd brainfuck-on-genetics
$ mvn package

Related work

Yet to come. Until then, have a look at the machine learning showcase on GitHub.


Licensed under MIT, see for LICENSE file.