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An interactive web application to explore the Italian budget.

This application is inspired by similar project developed by the g0v community in Taiwan and Taipey

g0v is a decentralized civic tech community to advocate transparency of information and build tech solutions for citizens to participate in public affairs from the bottom up. The g0v community was born in Taiwan thanks to Audrey Tang, Chia-liang Kao and many others.

Have a look to the reference implementation

The web-budget application is a mash-up on three open source projects:

  • the LODMAP2D project that provides the presentation layer (i.e. the bubbles);
  • the LODMAP2D-api that provides a CORS enabled microservices that prepare and cache the data required by web-budget;
  • the data-budget project that provides a knowledge graph about Italian budget data with a SPARQL service.


Try with docker

The project is shipped with a Docker setup that makes it easy to get a containerized development environment up and running. If you do not already have Docker on your computer, it's the right time to install it.

To try the latest released application, an example stack of services is provided. Just type:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

This will start locally all needed services:

Name Description Port
sdaas the data-budget platform 29321
api a microservice providing LODMAP2-api 29322
webapp the customized LODMAP2D application 20323

The first time you start the containers, Docker downloads and builds images for you. It will take some time, but don't worry this is done only once. Starting servers will then be lightning fast.

To shutdown the platform type:

docker-compose down

Developers should read CONTRIBUTING file


For answers you may not find in here or in the Wiki, avoid posting issues. Feel free to ask for support on the Slack general room. Make sure to mention @enrico so he is notified.


All used software components are available with Open Source License

Thanks to all project contributors, to the Copernicani community and to the g0v asia community for ideas and support.

A special thanks to the great G0V-IT team Miah Mohd Ehtesham, Leonardo Longhi, Yassine Ouahidi, Luca Mearelli and Enrico Fagnoni

This software includes:


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


A web application to visualize data compliant with the Bubble Graph Ontology




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