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Awesome DuckDuckGo Hacks 😎

Best Hacks for DuckDuckGo Search 🔎

DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine for web, not just for you search pony series (:trollface:), but for help your life to be better!

💥 GREAT!!! 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

For your understanding:

The hacks are shown like this:

Here is the description of hack

here is how to use the hack [with options]

And this is a example

So let's go there! 🏃



![bang] [your search]

!amazon Narnia Chronicles

It's a !bang, see more there:

Displays the current weather and a 7-day forecast for a local city

[city] weather

Rio de Janeiro weather

Currency Convertor

[value] [currency] to [another currency]

16 USD to EUR

See more currency options there:

Displays a countdown timer

timer [time]

timer 10 min

Maps for a local

[city name] maps

San Diego maps

Calculate the MD5 digest of a string

md5 [your string]

md5 GitHub

Generates a random password

password [number of characters] [strong of pass: strong|hard|easy|weak|normal|avg]

password 12 hard

Common keyboard shortcuts and commands for the Vim text editor

vim cheat sheet

vim cheat sheet

A cheat sheet of core JavaScript methods

javascript syntax

javascript syntax

A cheat sheet for Git

git cheat sheet

git cheat sheet

This cheat sheet will show all the Docker commands

docker cheat sheet

docker cheat sheet

Shows a user's latest tweet.



Shorten URLs using the API

shorten [url]


Provides ASCII variations of the shruggie ( i.e. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) that can be copy/pasted.



A tool to help you select and preview colors.

color picker

color picker

Calculate the number of days between two dates

days between [date: today|(mm/dd/yyyy)] [date: today|(mm/dd/yyyy)]

days between 08/25/1991 08/25/2016

Generate Lorem Ipsum text

[variant] lorem ipsum

3 paragraphs of lorem ipsum

Shows the shortcut keys to work in Gmail, google mailing client.

gmail cheat sheet

gmail cheat sheet

Provides the local time of country, city or state searched

time in [local]

time in barcelona


🔍 :squirrel: Awesome Hacks for DuckDuckGo Search






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