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Galaxy Tools maintained and developed by the GalaxyE community
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GalaxyE Community

The GalaxyE Community is devoted to the creation of resources for ecology research conducted through the Galaxy Project.

This repo contains a subset of Galaxy repositories used in the Tool Shed (

These repositories are maintained and developed by the GalaxyE team. Development of GalaxyE tools was initiated through the "65 Millions d'observateurs" French national project, and are continuing thanks to the European H2020 GAPARS project.

Pull Requests with dependencies specified as conda-package will be automatically tested and verified using planemo. If the tests pass and the pull request is merged, the tool will be automatically uploaded to the Test- and Main Tool Shed.

Please note, if you don’t want to run the tests or the automatic upload, add [ci skip] to the git commit message. Commits that have [ci skip] anywhere in the commit messages are ignored by Travis CI.


Issues regarding specific GalaxyE repositories are addressed by opening a ticket in the issue tracker of that repository.

Other repositories with Galaxy tools:

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