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Fix logic error if there is a problem with shed_create.

xref #423 - it won't fix it but it will give a better error I guess.
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jmchilton committed Mar 29, 2016
1 parent a58a3b8 commit 358a42c3be70f57a43c80b0f5ad2080a39991ca1
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@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ def upload_repository(ctx, realized_repository, **kwds):
_update_commit_message(ctx, realized_repository, update_kwds, **kwds)

repo_id = realized_repository.find_repository_id(ctx, shed_context)
if repo_id is None and kwds["force_repository_creation"]:
if repo_id is None and kwds.get("force_repository_creation", None):
repo_id = realized_repository.create(ctx, shed_context)
# failing to create the repo, give up
if repo_id is None:

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