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More verbose logging of diff results if --verbose.

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jmchilton committed Nov 18, 2015
1 parent 83e227a commit 9427b47195fef0e348fcff0b33699e983348d4a8
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@@ -351,6 +351,13 @@ def _diff_in(ctx, working, realized_repository, **kwds):
cmd += " >> '%s'" % output
raw_diff = shell(cmd)
exit = raw_diff or xml_diff
if not raw:
if xml_diff:
ctx.vlog("One or more shed XML file(s) different!")
if raw_diff:
ctx.vlog("One or more non-shed XML file(s) different.")
if not xml_diff and not raw_diff:
ctx.vlog("No differences.")
return exit

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