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Eliminate Conda hack forcing /tmp as temp directory.

It wasn't playing well with Docker inside of Conda, new Conda packages shouldn't require this, and older Conda packages need to be caught and rebuilt for Galaxy anyway.
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jmchilton committed Mar 16, 2017
1 parent 3e03418 commit b4ae44d397a895b08a1eeb6fe25d40fbb929ae1e
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@@ -569,17 +569,7 @@ def _config_directory(ctx, **kwds):
created_config_directory = False
if not config_directory:
created_config_directory = True
config_directory = mkdtemp()
# the following makes sure the transient config_dir path is short
# enough for conda linking (
if len(config_directory) > 20:
short_config_directory = mkdtemp(dir="/tmp")
config_directory = short_config_directory
except OSError:
# path doesn't exist or permission denied, keep the long config_dir
config_directory = os.path.realpath(mkdtemp())
yield config_directory

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