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Mut: a micro unit-testing framework

Mut is a minimalistic unit testing framework for C/Unix. It is designed to fulfill the unit testing needs of a small library project, when the hassle of integrating a more complete framework with its dependencies may not be justified.

It offers:

  • Structure: test case identification and separation.
  • Explicit assertions: CHECK, FAIL_IF
  • Crash capture by handling SIGSEV signals.
  • Basic reporting: fail/pass status and test case counters.

Mut is provided as a single header file to simplify integration. Just some basic build rules in your makefiles will get you going.


Mut was developed on Linux with gcc, and has some Unix'isms (signal handling) and gcc'isms (local lables). Some porting effort might be needed to work with other compilers. If you happen to port Mut to other environments, portability patches are welcomed!


In order to use this unit testing framework you just need to include the header file. Mut test modules have the following structure:

#include <mut.h>
#include <your_library.h>


TEST_BEGIN("trivial test")
CHECK( 2 + 2 == 4 );

TEST_BEGIN("other test")
FAIL_IF( 2 + 2 != 4 );


Test code is written in regular C.

TESTSUITE_BEGIN and TESTSUITE_END macros are required and provide a main C function with the necessary structure to execute your tests and report results. By compiling this module and linking to the library under test you'll get an executable that will run all tests defined from start to finish and generate a final report on screen.

-- Testsuite PASSED, 52 out of 52 tests run --

TEST_BEGIN and TEST_END serve the purpose of delimiting and naming your test code. This allows the framework to help you identifying the failing functionality.

Error: Test "set_version() rejects void input" failed at line 412
-- Testsuite FAILED, 36 out of 52 tests run --

CHECK() and FAIL_IF() are the assertion macros available in Mut. They are used to explicitly state conditions that have to be verified.

TEST_DISABLE can be used immediately after a TEST_CASE() declaration to quickly disable a test case (useful for debugging).