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Midi to PICO-8 converter
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A Midi to PICO-8 converter.

Requires MIDI.lua (direct link)

# luarocks install midi

Lua 5.1 users will also need a bit32 library:

# luarocks install bit32


lua midi2pico.lua somesong.mid songdata.p8

Does not write a complete p8 file, only __sfx__ and __music__ data
Various options are available, run the program with no arguments to get help.


  • Mute problematic channels with --mute, timidity's --mute argument can aid in finding problematic channels.
  • Halve the time division to possibly allow more mid-note effects.
  • Drums are problematic. Use --dshift to shift drum pitch, --drumvol=n to change drum volume, or --mute=10 to remove drums all together.
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