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  1. duell duell Public

    The Duell Tool is a command line tool for setting up, building and running applications on any platform.

    Haxe 40 10

  2. aggx aggx Public

    Forked from nensanders/aggx

    Haxe port of Antigrain Geometry library

    Haxe 5 1

  3. duellbuildhtml5 duellbuildhtml5 Public

    Duell build plugin for HTML5

    Haxe 4 2

  4. duellbuildios duellbuildios Public

    Duell tool plugin to build for the ios platform

    Haxe 3 3

  5. hxjni hxjni Public

    C++ 3 1

  6. vectorx vectorx Public

    Duell library to render svgs, fonts and drawings

    Haxe 3 3


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