Javascript library for integration with Gamee platform
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GAMEE is a social platform full of HTML5 games. Our goal is to make the games playable everywhere. You can play in the mobile apps (Android, iOS), bots (Telegram, Kik, Facebook Messenger) or directly on web.

GAMEE JS is our Javascript framework for connecting HTML5 game to GAMEE platform.

Documentation is currently located on Github wiki


Download the minified framework located in gamee/dist/gamee-js.min.js and include it in your index.html file.

<script src="gamee-js.min.js"></script>

Usage with NPM and Webpack

Install the framework with command npm install gamee-js. Then use:

import { gamee } from "gamee-js"

in your files.

Previous versions (and changelogs)

Planned Updates.


If you want to contribute, please feel free to use Github issue tracker of this repository.

Build framework on your own

git clone
npm install

# run test with mocha in CLI
npm test

# HRM test with mocha in browser
npm test:mocha:watch

# realtime building
npm watch

# one time build
npm b:dist


If you would like to publish your HTML5 game on the Gamee platform, please contact us on