Android NDK Setup

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Android NDK development works on Windows, MacOS and Linux development environments.

Install External Dependencies

Before you get started you will have to download the dependencies separately:

Install Tools

Install the Android SDK

Install the Android NDK

Install Apache Ant

Install Android SDK Package (API 16)

Configure Build Target

  • Run the following command to list the available build targets and note the target id for 'android-16'
android list targets
  • This will produce a list like this:
Available Android targets:
id: 1 or "android-16"
     Name: Android 4.1.2
     API level: 16
     Revision: 1
id: 2 or "android-21"
     Name: Android 5.0
     API level: 21
     Revision: 1
  • Run the following command to generate the property files for ant for the selected target id: 1 (android-16):
android update project -t 1 -p . -s

Build Library and Samples

  • Change to the android directory for the sample you want to build:
cd samples/browser/android
  • Run the following command:
ant debug

Package and Install

Make sure developer mode is enabled and USB debugging is turned on.

  • Change directory to the sample you want to build, package and install:
cd samples/browser/android
  • Install the app:
ant debug install


Device not detected

If ant debug install does not work, ensure your device is being detected properly by running adb devices. If no devices are reported, try downloading the correct USB drivers from you phone manufacturer's website. (OEM Drivers)


Use logcat to capture the log file from the device.

adb logcat -d > logcat.txt

If your program crashed then the log file will contain the stack trace without symbols. Use ndk-stack to make the stack trace readable.

-sym points to the directory that contains the symbols while -dump points to the log file.

ndk-stack -sym C:\Git\gaming\GamePlay\samples\browser\android\obj\local\armeabi -dump d:\logcat.txt
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