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This is a modified version of Henry Spencer's "BSD" regular expression
library. The original library can be found at  A description of Spencer's
various libraries can be found at

The changes in this version are:

* The library name has been changed to rxspencer, the header installs
  into a directory rxspencer, and the man pages named accordingly, to
  allow easy installation as a system library on Linux without
  conflicting with other regex libraries.
* A CMake build system, which can build either static or shared
  libraries, maybe even on non-Unix systems.
* A few code modernizations and changes to improve portabilty, avoid
  compiler warnings, and improve robustness.

I (Gary Houston) originally made this version with a build system
based on GNU Automake and Libtool, to allow building a shared library
for a project where the library needed to be dynamically loaded. The
CMake scripts were contributed by Stephen Just, modified from LuaDist

Spencer's original license can be found in the COPYRIGHT file. The CMake
scripts are licensed under the MIT license. I release all of my own
changes to the public domain under the Creative Commons Zero license.


CMake needs to be installed. To build from a Linux command line, or
something compatible, within the source directory:

to configure for a static library:
cmake .
cmake -Drxshared=0 .

to configure for a shared library:
cmake -Drxshared=1 .

to disable tests:

to disable manuals/ documentation:

to build:
make install

also required on Linux, after installing the shared library:

to run the tests:
make test

to run the tests, with output displayed:
ctest -V


Include the following header in a C program:

#include <rxspencer/regex.h>

Link with the library using the -lrxspencer flag, as in:
gcc test.c -o test -lrxspencer

The library is further described in the supplied man pages: rxspencer.3
and rxspencer.7, which are formatted at and

Gary Houston,


A modified version of Henry Spencer's BSD regular expression library. The original version is in the regex repository.







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