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Webbybot is the next generation framework to build message/chat bots, written in ES6 and plain javascript. Fully compatible with Hubot's middleware and plugins.

The Differences:

  • Port hubot from CoffeeScript to ES6 (plain JS) with babel.
  • Auto test coverage report with Codecov.
  • Auto linting with eslint.
  • Support .env file to setup system parameters
  • robot.router upgraded to Express 4.x

The Same:

  • Still support hubot plugins written in coffeescript.
  • Can reuse hubot adapters*
  • Auto continue integration with Travis CI.
  • How it works(for now)
  • Support write plugin with plain Javascript

How to try Webbybot

You can start from webby-template , a template for make a working webby bot

$ git clone demo
$ cd demo
$ npm install
$ ./bin/webby

You can find and install extra skills from npm

Enable a skill in external-scripts.json.

Add the environment variables in .env file.

How to replace Hubot to Webbybot

Refer to Getting Started With Hubot, Install hubot generator first

npm install -g yo generator-hubot

Then generate your robot with

yo hubot
  1. Enter the folder, edit bin/hubot and replace hubot to webby.

  2. install webbybot package

npm install --save webbybot
  1. modify adapter's dependency

Let's take telegram adapter for example. Edit node_modules/hubot-telegram/src/ and replace first line require 'hubot' to require 'webbybot'.

start your bot as normal


Tested with hubot-telegram and hubot-messenger.


$ npm install -g mocha


run command

$ npm run build

Add plugins

$ npm install hubot-calculator hubot-diagnostics

Add external-scripts.json file which contain:



run command

$ node ./bin/webby
webby > ping
webby > PONG
webby > echo hello
webby > hello
webby > webby calc 1 + 1
webby > 2


$ npm test


$ npm run lint

Write your own plugin

You can clone webby-plugin template to get start.

webby-template already bundled with webby-plugin. You can check how it work for reference.


MIT license