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A system to manage grant applications through the approval process
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GrantMan Build Satus

GrantMan is a grant management system designed to be help digitise the process of trying to get your research grant approved by all the appropriate parties.

Our website can be found at


In order to host this locally you must have:

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB

To install the node packages require for this project simply clone the repo then run npm install from the root of the project. This will ensure you get all of the dependencies.

Unit Testing

We used Mocha as our unit testing framework for the server. The tests can be found in the test directory.

To run the tests (assuming you have the prerequisites) run npm test from the root directory.

Every commit that is made to the project is then run on our travis testing environment. You can see the history of our travis builds here.

Continuous Deployment

Our website is hosted on our own Digital Ocean server to allow us to have more control over our deployment. After travis runs (and passes test) it then sends our changes to the live server which runs a secure SSL/TLS server

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