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GitWeb is a fork of using Webob


  • Python 2.6
  • Git >= 1.6.6 (On the server and on the client side.)


With easy_install:

easy_install GitWeb

Get the source:

git clone git://


The gunicorn WSGI server is recommended since it have a great support of chunked transfer-encoding.

Here is a simple Paste config file:

use = egg:gunicorn
port = 8080

use = egg:GitWeb
content_path = %(here)s/repos
auto_create = true

Now try:

git clone . http://localhost:8080/repo.git


See file named COPYING.LESSER for license terms governing over the entire project.

(Some, explisitely labeled so constituent files/works are licensed under separate, more-permissive terms. See disclaimers at the start of the files for details.)


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