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Video game in 3D with Delphi and Firemonkey.

The game is inspired by the game "The light Corridor" released in 1990 on Atari ST and Amiga 500. It is a tutorial made for the site (in French)

The project was made under Delphi Tokyo 10.2.2 professional edition. You can compile and deploy it on Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS. The game run on Windows, Mac OS and Android. I don't have an IOS device to try it but I think it works.

On Android (my device is under Android 5.0), if I compile the project with Tokyo, there are many graphic issues that make the game unplayable. When I compile it with Berlin, all works fine...

Compared to the initial tutorial, this project is more complete :

  • 10 playable levels
  • bonus available
  • select level
  • challenge supplémentaire : additional challenge: try to do as little referral as possible per level. This information is stored in user's directory.

The Android version is available on Play Store :, other versions (Windows and Mac OS) are available on my site :

See my other games with Delphi and Firmeonkey :
A small open 3D world :

Grégory Bersegeay :

Video on Youtube

Some screenshots :


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