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Hotrod Infinispan Ruby Client

This is a Hot Rod ruby client for JBoss Infinispan Data Grid Solution.

It is in development and only GET and PUT opeations are working with some limitations:

  • Just default cache
  • I haven't test it that much
  • More to come :)

How to use it?

Look at spec/remotecache_spec.rb :P


1) First start a HotRod Server module of Infinispan

./ -r hotrod

Features to add

  • Support cache names (needs to be decided by Infinispan Team) - Code ready need more test
  • Add ping operation before any call
  • Validate response headers
  • Add Remaining operations ** removeWithVersion ** putIfAbsentputAll ** remove/if ** replace/if ** containsKey ** getWithVersion ** removeWithVersion ** statistic ** put/getBulk
  • Support for lifespanSeconds and maxIdleTimeSeconds
  • Batch support
  • Obtaing Statistics (operation)
  • Support for Intelligence Clients and Topologies and Listener
  • Configuration files support
  • Transaction support
  • Support for Apache Avro Marshaller
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