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Releases: gburca/VirtMus

VirtMus v4.20

26 Sep 04:23
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  • Features added:
    • New songs can now be created by just drag-n-dropping files (PDFs or image files) on an existing PlayList.
    • Added clipboard cut/copy support.
    • PDF-based songs can now be converted to JPG-based songs. This saves each PDF page as a JPG and creates a new song from the JPGs. Since some PDFs render very slowly, this change can significantly speed up working with PDF-based songs.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Re-ordering of songs in a PlayList using the "Move Up/Down" context menu was not working properly (the UI was not updating to reflect the move).
    • When creating a new song while a MusicPage was selected, the song was added to the Default PlayList instead of the current PlayList.
    • A few other small bugs.

VirtMus v4.01

25 Apr 23:52
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This is a minor release to fix some issues on Mac OS X.

  • Improvements or bugs fixed:
    • Fixed an issue on Mac OS X where the mouse would move to the menu bar while
      in live/performance mode and cause the mouse click for the "next page" to
      open a menu instead of move to the next page.
    • Added F2 as a default shortcut for renaming items on all platforms.

VirtMus v4.00

10 Apr 01:29
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  • Features added:
    • The ability to attach tags to songs and playlists, and to view the sonts and playlists belonging to a tag.
    • Added statistics collection/logging.
    • Prevent the screen saver from starting while playing.
    • Revamped the documentation.
    • Added a DMG installer for Mac OS X.
  • Improvements or bugs fixed:
    • Upgraded to NetBeans 8.0
    • Upgraded to ICEpdf 5.0.5
    • Fixed handling of moved files for the case when they were moved to a
      different drive on Windows or to a different mount point on Linux.
    • Fixed the page turn animation when the NextPage key (ex: space bar) is
      pressed twice quickly. Before this fix, on occasion, part of the previous
      page was always left on the screen until the song was restarted by pressing
    • Added the ability to move back in the live screen by pressing the Left
      Arrow (to accommodate keyboards that don't have PgUp/PgDn).