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Required software

Buildroot will check if any required packages are missing.

Note that we include luajit in the rootfs and the luajit build requires a 32-bit host compiler to be installed, including 32-bit libc development files. I don't know what kind of trickery they're doing, but that's the way it is (mid-2014).


To install all dependencies at once:

apt-get install bzr bison flex gettext texinfo wget cpio python unzip mercurial subversion libncurses5-dev libc6-dev-i386

Building the toolchain and rootfs

git clone git://
cd buildroot
make gcw0_defconfig

When the build is done, you can find the toolchain under output/host/usr/ and the rootfs as output/images/rootfs.squashfs.

Disk space needed for build (December 2012): 400 MB in downloads (dl/), 5 GB in build results (output/).

It has been reported that building in a directory path containing spaces will fail, so please avoid spaces in directory names.

Updating the rootfs on your GCW0

First, make sure the system partition is mounted on your Zero. See the kernel wiki for instructions.

Rename the rootfs as "update_r.bin" and copy it to the root of the system partition of the GCW0. The exact location to place the rootfs:


Then reboot the GCW0.

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