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FSB files extractor (extracts from FMOD sound fx archives)

NOTE: Please check the project homepage for updates.

The code here comes from and is the excellent work of Luigi Auriemma

The code here is from the version listed as 0.3.5.

I've forked it here to share any changes necessary for use on osx.


There's some basic autoconf scripts now, standard build should follow


optionally make install


As embedded in app:

Usage: ./fsbext [options] <file.FSB>

-d DIR   output folder where extracting the files
-l       list files without extracting them
-A       assign the ima_adpcm tag (0x11) instead of the xbox adpcm one (0x69)
         to the output files that use an adpcm codec
-M       split the multichannel mp3s in multiple files containing the single
         channels, load them in a multitrack software to listen the original
         multichannel file. this option is suggested for maximum quality

Rebuilding options:
-s FILE  binary file containing the information for rebuilding the FSB file,
         specify it during the extraction (will be created) and rebuilding
-r       rebuild the original file:
         Example:   fsbext -d myfolder -s files.dat    input.fsb
                    fsbext -d myfolder -s files.dat -r output.fsb
         the tool will remove any header in the imported files automatically

Debugging options:
-v       verbose output, debugging information
-p PASS  use this password if the file is protected
-o OFF   offset where is located the FSB data, use -o -1 to scan the input file
-e P T   only encrypt/decrypt the file without doing other operations using
         the password P and the algorithm type T (0 and 1 supported)
-E T     raw decryption using an empty password and algorithm T (read above)
-f FILE  dump the list of extracted/listed files in FILE
-m       disable the mpeg modifications, by default the tool automatically
         removes the non-standard padding from mp3 files and dumps only the
         first channel of multichannel files, note that this is not a downmix
         but just the selection of the first stereo channel.
         use this option to disable them, but the mp3 will be not playable
-R       raw output files (by default the tool adds headers and extensions)
         this option is NO longer needed if you plan to rebuild a fsb archive

NOTE: by default this tool dumps only the first one or two channels of
      multichannel mp3 files to make them playable on standard music players,
      use -M to avoid this behaviour!
NOTE: use EVER an empty folder where placing the extracted files because this
      tool adds a sequential number if a file with same name already exists,
      this is done because filenames in FSB archives are truncated at 30 chars.
NOTE: OGG files are dumped as-is and are not playable
NOTE: rebuilding was meant for old versions of FSB (<= 4), may work with mp3
      files (or with -M), it just put the raw files in the new archive