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        --local-port    <LOCAL_PORT>
        --remote-port   <REMOTE_PORT>
        --remote-user   <REMOTE_USER>
        --remote-host   <REMOTE_HOST>
        --identity-file <IDENTITY_FILE>

    --help               Help page
    --configure          Config remote server to support forwarding (optional)
                         This option will require arguments '--remote-user' and '--remote-host'
    --local-port         Local port number (require)
    --remote-port        Remote port number (require)
    --local-to-remote    Forward request from local machine to remote machine
                         Either '--local-to-remote' or '--remote-to-local' must be specified
    --remote-to-local    Forward request from remote machine to local machine (require)
                         Either '--local-to-remote' or '--remote-to-local' must be specified
    --remote-user        Remote user (require)
    --remote-host        Remote host (require)
    --identity-file      Path to private key (*.ppk, *.pem) to access remote server (optional)

    ./tunnel.bash --help

    ./tunnel.bash --configure --remote-user 'root' --remote-host ''
    ./tunnel.bash --configure --remote-user 'root' --remote-host '' --identity-file '/keys/my-server/key.ppk'

    ./tunnel.bash --local-port 8080 --remote-port 9090 --local-to-remote --remote-user 'root' --remote-host ''
    ./tunnel.bash --local-port 8080 --remote-port 9090 --local-to-remote --remote-user 'root' --remote-host '' --identity-file '/keys/my-server/key.ppk'

    ./tunnel.bash --local-port 8080 --remote-port 9090 --remote-to-local --remote-user 'root' --remote-host ''
    ./tunnel.bash --local-port 8080 --remote-port 9090 --remote-to-local --remote-user 'root' --remote-host '' --identity-file '/keys/my-server/key.ppk'
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