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GDISF Teaching Materials

Teaching materials for HTML, CSS, JS, and HTML5. We maintain our Open Source materials on this repo.


Read our docs


We use Github Pages to host our slides! If you're merging changes, make sure you sync master to Github Pages

Curriculum Creation

  • Read So You Want To Teach A Workshop
  • Read our curriculum creation guide in the GDISF Teacher Handbook
  • Make sure that all curricula are in line with the GDI mission and an appropriate topic/level for our members. This may include:
    • Topics that complement and expand our Front End Web Development curriculum
    • Industry-relevant topics for advanced students (these students already work in the industry and range from Associate/Junior to Senior and above)
    • Topics that students have requested to learn
  • Would you like to fork an existing workshop? Check out these resources: GDI Curriculum Review site girldevelopit.com
  • Make a Pull Request. You may want to use the example/ directory to get started with the required templates. Your PR must must include:
    • Description
    • Lecture slides
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Solutions to exercises
    • Follow Up Email
  • If you want your workshop to be included in our national website, check out this review rubric. Please note that this is not a requirement for inclusion in this repository.