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GDI SF - Web Development and Programming Curriculum
JavaScript HTML CSS
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GDISF Teaching Materials

Teaching materials for HTML, CSS, JS, and HTML5. We maintain our Open Source materials on this repo.


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Curriculum Creation

  • Read So You Want To Teach A Workshop
  • Read our Curriculum Creation Guide in the wiki
  • Make sure that all curricula are in line with the GDI mission and an appropriate topic/level for our members. This may include:
    • Topics that complement and expand our Front End Web Development curriculum
    • Industry-relevant topics for advanced students (these students already work in the industry and range from Associate/Junior to Senior and above)
    • Topics that students have requested to learn
  • Would you like to fork an existing workshop? Check out these resources: GDI Curriculum Review site
  • Make a Pull Request. You may want to use the example/ directory to get started with the required templates. Your PR must must include:
    • Description
    • Lecture slides
    • Hands-on exercises
    • Solutions to exercises
    • Follow Up Email
  • If you want your workshop to be included in our national website, check out this review rubric. Please note that this is not a requirement for inclusion in this repository.
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