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APRSdroid – APRS for Android

APRSdroid Home Page

APRSdroid is an Android application for interacting with the APRS network. It allows using APRS-IS or connect to RF via Bluetooth or the phone’s speaker.

APRSdroid is Open Source Software written in Scala, licensed under the GPLv2.

Feel free to join #aprsdroid on FreeNode!

Project News

The current version of APRSdroid can be obtained from Android Market, and from the (mobile-optimized) home page.

You can subscribe to updates on Twitter: @APRSdroid

Older news

2011-04-02 The rumors about APRSdroid's death are greatly exaggerated. Release 1.0 will be released to Android Market in the next month(s?) and will allow you to support the App’s development financially. You can get a glimpse of the current development already.


Get it on the Market

APRSdroid builds and release versions are available from the download repository

Once you have downloaded the software, check the settings page for hints on its configuration.


If you want to compile APRSdroid, visit the Developer page!


We have created an APRSdroid translation project at launchpad. You can now help translate APRSdroid into your mother tongue!

Translations are merged into the code before each new release! Stay tuned!

SVG Icon Set

The default APRS icons are really ancient. A remake of the set in scalable SVG (which would look good even scaled down to 12×12 pixels) would be really awesome.

  • the icons should not be too blurry when rendered at 16×16 pixels (the default size for current apps)
  • it would probably be best to adapt an existing icon set, ie. this one – I am currently using the FINDU symbols from that page, because they have an easy to use layout, an image with 16×12 tiles, one icon each.
  • it would be really cool to have the icons work both on a black and on a light background (the current version of aprsdroid has icons in the black-background hub view) – or maybe two versions for different backgrunds.



The following features are supported by APRSdroid:

  • Transmission of APRS position reports (periodic and SmartBeaconing™)
  • Send speed + direction + altitude if available
  • Post packets using HTTP, UDP, TCP, Bluetooth-to-TNC or AFSK via speaker
  • Configuration dialog for callsign, update period, server
  • Posted on some Markets: SlideME AndAppStore
  • Log window for previous tracks
  • Hub view showing neighboring stations
  • Map view of neighbor stations (so far only with TCP)
  • Display status bar notification when in background

TODO for versions 1.x

  1. Settings profiles (walking / driving / …; storing the SSID, icon and update ranges)
  2. Add a night mode theme
  3. Graphical selector for the APRS icon
  4. Change distance and interval to sliders (would fix crash on invalid input as well)
  5. use soundcard for RX (TX works already)
  6. Stop logging on low battery

TODO for version 2.0

  1. Digipeater mode
  2. Multiple parallel backends
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