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Releases: gearman/gearmand

1.1.20: 2020 - 2022 Maintenance Release

19 Nov 19:28
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With 77 commits since January of 2020 we have built up a lot of value in master without releasing. This should enable development and building on newer platforms while hopefully keeping things working on those older ones via the excellent work @esabol did to migrate us to GitHub Actions. Thanks to everyone who contributed. See you on the mailing list or in our Matrix chatroom:

What's Changed

  • Add gcc-9 and clang-9 to Travis CI by @esabol in #265
  • .travis.yml: Removed deprecated sudo tag and changed the matrix tag to jobs by @esabol in #276
  • Fix crashing of tests when '-Wp,-D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS' is given by @cheese in #273
  • Issue 278: Fix crashing in libtest/ when '-Wp,-D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS' is given by @esabol in #281
  • Fix error: ‘environ’ was declared ‘extern’ and later ‘static’ [-fpermissive] by @thibaultduponchelle in #289
  • Fix misspellings of "suppression" in the Makefile by @esabol in #286
  • Add CXXFLAGS=-Wp,-D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS to the gcc-9 build in Travis CI (Redux) by @esabol in #283
  • Gearman log fn doc by @p-alik in #294
  • Fix indentation/whitespace in libgearman-server/ by @esabol in #303
  • Use suseconds_t instead of long by @esabol in #300
  • Issue #279: Fix t/vector test on 32-bit systems by @esabol in #297
  • Issue #293: Bootstrap on Alpine by @esabol in #296
  • Update by @gitHusband in #305
  • Fix misspellings of "occurred" by @esabol in #308
  • Fix debug output in destroy_gearman_server_job_st() by @esabol in #307
  • Refactoring for sake of macOS build by @p-alik in #306
  • Update with link to key used to sign releases by @esabol in #311
  • Fix Travis CI builds after migration to by @esabol in #326
  • Renamed HACKING to and updated; added by @KanishkKhurana in #325
  • Additional fixes for fallout from renaming HACKING to by @esabol in #330
  • Create a new GitHub Action by @SpamapS in #329
  • Issue #321: Improve compatibility with older versions of Alpine by @esabol in #328
  • Fix bug in prioritystatus by @SpamapS in #338
  • Issue #317: MAN file for gearadmin was missing commands by @octavn in #339
  • Issue #335: Tweaked the gearadmin help to make it less confusing by @esabol in #336
  • Issue #304: Fix IPv6 addresses in gearadmin --workers and log output by @esabol in #333
  • Mysql reconnect issue by @donhardman in #331
  • Fix Postgres queue table creation on startup by @spanasik in #332
  • Add NixOS to supported Linux distributions by @p-alik in #309
  • prioritystatus was in gearmand binary but not in docs by @octavn in #341
  • Updated docs: The verbose text command only READS the verbose setting by @octavn in #340
  • Issue #346: Remove reliance on website from tests by @esabol in #348
  • Add Dockerfiles for testing and for a working example by @esabol in #327
  • Gcc 8+ and 11 fixes by @SpamapS in #350
  • Refine GitHub Actions CI workflow to support a matrix of compiler versions by @esabol in #334
  • Update build files to work with more modern autotools by @SpamapS in #358

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 1.1.19...1.1.20 Re-tagging 1.1.19 as to rebuild tarballs

18 Feb 03:49
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  • The 1.1.19 tarball is broken in various ways due to a corrupted build host.

1.1.19: Bug fixes, compiler support, new contributors

10 Feb 19:46
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  • Fixing compiler warnings and incorporating security scan results
  • Dropped OSX from automated testing
  • Various fixes from the community

1.1.18: Minor bugfix release

11 Dec 19:20
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  • HTTP protocol bug fix
  • accepts -o flag
  • Build and test cleanly on OS X with latest xcode

1.1.17: Bugfix release

26 Jul 16:55
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  • Redis fixed for items larger than 64 bytes #129
  • Various memcached plugin bugfixes
  • Shellcheck passes for

1.1.16: Bugfix release

23 May 17:24
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Bugfix release including:

  • Fixes to HTTP protocol plugin and background jobs
  • Redis queue plugin refactored
  • TCP Keepalive settings are properly respected
  • Various fixes for stricter C++11 compilation
  • Changed from CYaSSL to WolfSSL
  • Various fixes to memcached queue plugin

1.1.15: Patches

18 Feb 18:41
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HEAD -> upstream_master, tag: 1.1.15, upstream/master - 2017-02-17 Fix
comparison of pointer and bool

  • 2016-12-26 Fix specfile for renamed README
  • 2016-12-26 Update readme md (#66)
  • 2016-12-14 remove gearmand text command shutdown (#40)

kris-lab-priority-status - 2016-12-14 Fixed typo (jon_queued ->

  • 2016-12-14 Added "prioritystatus" command to display queued jobs
    broken down by priority.

origin/master, origin/HEAD, master - 2016-12-03 Turn on artifact storage

automate-travis - 2016-11-27 Use _exit() in fork test to fix race (#47)

chenzi2015-master - 2016-11-18 add "redis-password" option to redis

  • 2016-11-22 bug fixing: instead of undefined
  • 2016-11-22 bsd portable shebang
  • 2016-11-19 Ignore tarballs built as a result of 'make dist'

1.1.14: Bugfix release

16 Nov 17:32
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This includes significant fixes for the redis queue backend, and various minor bug fixes. See changelog in tarballs for details.

1.1.13: First release from GitHub

25 Sep 09:19
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Please refer to the ChangeLog for details. This is our first release from GitHub, and it is a minor patch release.