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Newebe is a distributed social network.

Why distributed?

Social networks like we know, store all our data in a centralized place and shape the way we interact each other. A real network does not need that someone checks what you send before giving it to your friend. Newebe offers the main features of a social network while acting as a real network, it looks like a real spider web : each people directly talk to each other without barrier, without spies, checking or any censorship.

This means that data you share are directly sent to your contacts and that you host all your data yourself. Because Newebe is setup on a server you host at your home (a very small computer with no screen), everything you make with Newebe is kept inside it and not sent to a third-party. Your privacy is safe.

Why this name?

Newebe = new web + newbe

Distributed vs Centralized

###Project Roadmap###

###Config file###




Microposts app

Notes app

Pictures app

Commons app





How it works




API documentation


French wiki (older infos)

Code Contributors

  • gelnior, Frank
  • mike-perdide, Julien
  • tonthon, Gaston
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