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What is this?

Justlog is an twitch irc bot. It focuses on logging and providing an api for the logs.


mkdir logs
docker run -p 8025:8025 --restart=unless-stopped -v $PWD/config.json:/etc/justlog.json -v $PWD/logs:/logs


Only admins can use these commands

  • !justlog status will respond with uptime
  • !justlog join gempir,pajlada will join the channels and append them to the config
  • !justlog optout gempir,gempbot will opt out users of message logging or querying previous logs of that user, same applies to users own channel
  • !justlog optin gempir,gempbot will revert the opt out


    "admins": ["gempir"], // will only respond to commands executed by these users
    "logsDirectory": "./logs", // the directory to log into
    "adminAPIKey": "noshot", // your secret api key to access the admin api (documented below)
    "username": "gempbot", // bot username (can be justinfan123123 if you don't want to use an account)
    "oauth": "oauthtokenforchat", // bot token can be anything if justinfan123123
    "botVerified": true, // increase ratelimits if you have a verified bot, so the bot can join faster, false by default
    "clientID": "mytwitchclientid", // your client ID, needed for fetching userids or usernames etc
    "clientSecret": "mysecret", // your twitch client secret
    "logLevel": "info", // the log level, keep this to info probably
    "channels": ["77829817", "11148817"], // the channels (userids) you want to log
    "archive": true // probably keep to true, will disable gzipping of old logs if false, useful if you setup compression on your own


Development requires yarn and go-swagger

Run go build && ./justlog and yarn start in the web folder.

Or run make container and make run_container