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Volti is GTK+ application for controlling audio volume from system tray/notification area
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Volti is an GTK+ application for controlling audio volume from system tray/notification area.


- no pulseaudio, gstreamer, phonon etc. only alsa is needed
- internal mixer application, but you can choose any mixer app you prefer
- left click opens volume scale (slider)
- scroll wheel on tray icon changes volume, increment in percents is configurable
- you can configure middle click to toggle 'mute' or 'show mixer'
- nice tooltip with card and volume info
- support multimedia keys on keyboard
- support desktop notifications on keys events
- you can control volti from command line or bind keys within your window manager
- support soundcards with split master channel such as M-Audio 2496


- pygtk 2.16.0 or later
- pyalsaaudio 0.6 or later
- dbus-python 0.80.0 or later
- python-xlib 0.15rc1 or later (optional, used for keys events as an alternative to hal)


- Manually
Run 'python install'.
You can also start application from source dir, just run ./volti.

- Arch
volti is in aur, see

- Gentoo
volti is in portage, see

- Debian/Ubuntu
deb package can be found at downloads page


Start volti from your applications menu or run 'volti' from terminal.
You will probably want to add volti to autostart.
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