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Data Analysis for the Life Sciences


September 16, 2015 : We are reogranizing the labs here for the new courses launching this Fall. We have decided to drop the course1 style of directory structure, as the number of courses is still in flux. We are now using a modular structure. See for how courses were remapped to new names.

Book versions

Compiled versions of this document as HTML can be found here:

The ePub version of this document can be found on Leanpub:

Pull requests and issues

We greatly appreciate all of our readers who contribute pull requests!

If you want to contribute through pull request, please first clone a new version of the repo. If you have a version of the repo from 2014, it will contain some large data objects, which accidentally snuck in, and we won't be able to accept your pull request.

Please do not add an issue which says "I couldn't knit the Rmd". This is nearly always because users are missing one or more of the libraries and datasets used within (we do not re-install libraries in each Rmd script as this would slow down our compilation of the book material). You will find the missing library if you step through the Rmd one chunk at a time.