GeocoderJS is the JavaScript equivalent of Geocoder PHP.
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GeocoderJS is a JavaScript port of the Geocoder PHP library. It's meant as a compliment for client-side geocoding applications.


Dependency Status

devDependency Status


You can build an uglified version of the script by running 'grunt build'.


Unit tests are handled by Jasmine. To run unit tests from the command line, use 'grunt test'.


Contibution libraries are installed by Bower. Unit tests are covered by Jasmine. Pull requests will not be accepted without:

  • a) all unit/functional tests working
  • b) any potentially affected example files still functional
  • c) any additional functionality covered by unit/functional tests.


GeocoderJS comes with modules to integrate with various geocoding providers. The following table summarizes the features of each:

Provider Works in browsers? Works in Node.JS? Supports reverse geocoding?
Google Maps yes yes yes
Mapquest yes untested yes
OpenStreetMap yes untested yes
Bing yes untested yes
Yandex yes untested yes