Redux saga that handles synchronizing a React Native app with the CodePush service
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Redux Saga for CodePush

This module provides a "saga" for React Native apps that already use Redux and Redux Saga for modeling asynchronous behavior, and want to integrate code sychronization with the CodePush service via a simple, declarative solution.

Getting Started

  1. If you haven't already, install and setup the React Native module for CodePush

  2. Install the CodePush Redux Saga via NPM

    npm i --save react-native-code-push-saga@latest
  3. Within your app's main saga, import the saga module

    import codePushSaga from "react-native-code-push-saga";
  4. Spawn/fork an instance of the CodePush saga

    yield spawn(codePushSaga);

And that's it! By default, your app will now synchronize with CodePush on start, resume, and any time you dispatch a SYNC action to your Redux store. If you want to customize the "sync points" (e.g. on a timer interval), delay syncing after the initial app store installation, or modify the options that are used when a sync occurs, you can pass additional parameters to the saga when spawning/forking. The following example illustrate some of the possibilities:

// Disable syncing on resume, but synchronize
// with CodePush every 5 minutes.
yield spawn(codePushSaga, {
    syncOnResume: false,
    syncOnInterval: 5 * 60

// Don't disrupt the user with an update after
// initially installing the app, until either 10
// minutes have passed or when the "ONBOARDING_COMPLETE"
// action is dispatched.
yield spawn(codePushSaga, {
    delayByInterval: 10 * 60,
    delayByAction: "ONBOARDING_COMPLETE"

// Customize the install mode of updates
// to occur when the app next resumes.
yield spawn(codePushSaga, {
    syncOptions: {
        installMode: codePush.InstallMode.ON_NEXT_RESUME

// Synchronize with CodePush anytime
// a Redux action named "NAVIGATE_HOME" is dispatched.
yield spawn(codePushSaga, {
   syncActionName: "NAVIGATE_HOME" 

// Invoke a callback every time the sync status changes
// or show a status bar as the download progresses.
// You can find a list of status types at
yield spawn(codePushSaga, {
   codePushStatusDidChange: this.codePushStatusDidChange,
   codePushDownloadDidProgress: this.codePushDownloadDidProgress,