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Geoloqi is a powerful platform for real-time location, messaging, and analytics. For more information visit


  • Full test suite!


  • Mock (for tests)

Getting Started

You can install the library directly from PyPi with pip.

$ pip install geoloqi-python

You can create a config file that holds your client credentials. If you do so you won't have to provide them when instantiating a new Geoloqi object. The config file can be in the current user's home directory as .geoloqi or in the system /etc/geoloqi/geoloqi.config.

The configuration file should have the following format:

user_access_token = <your_user_access_token>
application_access_key = <client_api_key>
application_secret_key = <client_api_secret>

You must provide either your user access token or your application's access key and secret. Either can be obtained from the Geoloqi developers site.


Create a geotrigger:

>>> from geoloqi.geoloqi import Geoloqi
>>> g = Geoloqi(access_token="<your_application_access_token>")
>>>'trigger/create', {'place_name': "Powell's Books", "type": "message", "latitude": 45.523334, "longitude": -122.681612, "radius": 150, "text": "Welcome to Powell's Books!"})

Create a new sharing link:

>>> from geoloqi.geoloqi import Geoloqi
>>> g = Geoloqi(access_token="<your_application_access_token>")
>>>'link/create', {'minutes': 180,})
Note: If you have created a config file with your Geoloqi credentials your access token may be omitted in the examples above.


Full documentation is available on Read the Docs.


Please fork the project on GitHub and send us a pull request! If you have a problem, please file an issue and we'll respond as soon as we can.

There are many other ways to get support from the Geoloqi developers site.


Before you submitting a patch or a pull request please make sure you've written a test and run the full test suite.

$ python geoloqi/
Note: You must create a config file containing your Geoloqi credentials before you are able to run tests!


See the LICENSE file.