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Disclaimer: This repository has been merged with EB-Garamond. It is kept here for historical reasons only!

This is the repository for experiments with the EB-Garamond font and new cuts of it in pre-beta stage. Once their quality allows it, they will be moved to the EB-Garamond repository.


  • EBGaramondItalic: Italic companion to EB-Garamond, based on the cuts by Robert Granjon
  • EBGaramondBold: Automatically emboldened EB-Garamond
  • EBGaramondAllSC: All-smallcaps-font
  • EBGaramondLettrines: Initials based on those shown in the Bible de Genève from 1564. This is the working bench. The actual font is:
  • EBGaramondInitials